On Wednesday 30th September Russian aircrafts launched several attacks in Hama and the northern countryside of Homs. Forty civilians were killed in the attacks including eight children and a Syria Civil Defense volunteer. All the attacks hit civilian targets.
The Syria Civil Defense responded to attacks at three locations:
In Homs:
      Al Za'farani : Thermo baric Missiles that hit a public market.
      Talbieseh: Thermo baric Missiles that hit bread distributing point and local administration offices.
      Al Rastan: Thermo baric Missiles that hit Civilian homes.
In Hama:
      Al Latamneh: 3 Thermobaric Missiles attacks at civilian homes.
Khalid from the White Helmets said:
“Hearing Russian on the radio?  We knew straight away that this was a different type of attack to the Syrian Government’s missiles and bombs we have become familiar with. The missiles hit their targets with a precision we have not seen, and the blasts were more intense. We can’t believe even more advanced military power has arrived in Syria to kill civilians.”
“The targets were 100% civilians, not any military point near those targets, a whole neighborhood was destroyed in Talbieseh today, 60 homes of civilians.”
Dr. Sami Abu El Khier, a doctor at a field hospital in northern countryside:
“Field hospitals are crowded with injured civilians, these hospitals which suffer from the lack of medical substances and electricity, we are unable to treat many of the injuries and thus the number of casualties is expected to go up.”
Raed Al-Saleh, Head of the White Helmets:
Two days ago, in New York, I have met Ambassadors of the countries that declare friendship with the Syrian people, and warned them that as long as the Russians are adapting the same definition of terrorism the regime uses, that would make the White Helmets terrorists as well as every other free Syrian citizen, they will be considered terrorists and targets for their bombing, I declared to everybody that all those who think about partnering with the regime in the name of fighting terrorism, are actually aiming their guns at us and at every human rights defender in Syria.
Today, we lost another White Helmet hero in Homs, and we promise that as we will sue the Syrian regime for the killing of the other 105 White Helmets fallen heroes, we will sue the Russian regime in The International Criminal Court for the murder of our fallen Hero in Homs today.”
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Notes to Editors:
      Aerial attacks on civilian areas were banned last year in UN Security Council resolution 2193 on 22 February 2014 of which Russia voted in support of. “Demands that all parties immediately cease all attacks against civilians, as well as the indiscriminate employment of weapons in populated areas, including shelling and aerial bombardment”
      The Syrian Civil Defense - or the ‘White Helmets’ as they are known - are volunteer rescue workers who arrive to the sites of barrel bomb attacks to dig survivors out from under the rubble and transport the injured to safety. Unarmed and neutral, they have saved people from all sides of the conflict.
      The White Helmets have 2700 volunteers and have saved 30,001 lives.