7 volunteers got killed in an armed attack on SCD center in rural Idlib.

By the dawn of August 12, 2017, in an assassination incident, the first of its kind, the Syrian Civil Defense Center in the city of Sarmin, in the countryside of Idlib, was attacked by an unknown group and assassinated the whole group of volunteers who were there.

The armed attack resulted in the death of 7 White helmets volunteers who were in the center which is located in the city of Sarmin, on the highway that is connecting Idlib and Saraqib. The incident was discovered around 6:30 this morning.

The unknown armed group assassinated all the volunteers who were part of the night shift crew with a bullet in the head of each of them inside the center, in addition to the theft of two Van, white helmets, and walkie talkie devices type Hitra, in addition to other equipment.

As a result, the Syria Civil Defense appeals to all checkpoints in northern Syria to ensure that every vehicle of the SCD holds an official task marked with an official seal , And not to hesitate the detention of any vehicle of civil defense that does not carry an official task until its belonging to the Syrian Civil Defense is confirmed.

The martyrs are:

- ziad Hasan Qadahnoun
- Basel Mustafa Qassas
- Mohammad Shbib (Abu Zaid)
- Abulrazzak Hasan Haj Khalil
- Mohammad Deib Elhir (Abu Kifah)
- Mohammad kruma (from Homs)
- Obaida Al-Radwan (from Homs)

Among them was Abu Kifah (Mohammad Deib Elhir) who appeared in a famous video after a rescuing mission crying while holding a one month baby girl after saving her alive from beneath the rubbles after a bombing targeted her home.
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