Director of SCD "white helmets" and Ambassador of America to the United Nations in a meeting on the need to protect civilians in Syria

A meeting of US Ambassador to the United Nations "Nikki Haley" with Mr. "Raed Al Saleh" Director of the Syria Civil Defense, in New York State in America on Wednesday 26 April 2017.
The meeting discussed the most prominent developments in Syria, where the humanitarian and medical conditions continue to deteriorate, especially as the pace of shelling targeting civilians is on the rise, and the chemical attacks in Khan Sheikhan in the countryside of Idleb are not the last.
The two sides also stressed the responsibility of the United States and the international community to never tolerate the use of chemical weapons, And the need for the immediate cessation of violence against civilians and the immediate end of all the siege operations, Especially in areas such as the eastern Ghouta, in addition to the return of the displaced people and the contribute to the return of normal life in Syria.
"The United States continues to support the White Helmets, who risk their lives every day as first responders who save lives and provide medical care to civilians stranded in the brutal fighting in Syria," Ambassador Healy said.
At the end of the meeting, the two sides stressed the need for Iran and Hezbollah to stop their destructive intervention in Syria.