SCD honors 94 of its volunteers who were injured during the rescuing missions and saving civilians in Syria

In recognition of the sacrifices made by the life savers in Syria, the Syria Civil Defense organized a ceremony to honor 94 injured volunteers who were wounded during their humanitarian missions in saving civilians in targeted locations in Syria.
The ceremony took place in both Ma'rat al-Nu'man city in Idleb countryside and in Eastern Ghouta in Damascus countryside.

During the ceremony, the Director of the Syrian Civil Defense "Raed Al-Saleh" delivered a speech in which he said: "Since the start of the civil defense teams in search and rescue they've saved more than 95 thousand people in targeted sites with bombardment in Syria, but we lost 192 martyrs during Rescue missions, in addition to many wounded. The teams continue to carry out the humanitarian duty, and look forward to the stage of building Syria into a stable and peace-loving nation. "

Mounir Mustafa, deputy director of the Syria Civil Defense, said: "The volunteers made great sacrifices, some lost parts of their bodies to save lives that are exhausted by the war in Syria."
The Syrian Civil Defense administration provided the white civil defense helmet for the wounded, which is considered a high valued symbol for them. In addition to a certificate of appreciation for their services, and a financial reward.

The event was attended by many civil society organizations, as well as representatives of local councils and health directorates in Syria

The ceremony was held under the patronage of "Hero Fund", a fund dedicated to the wounded, sick and martyrs of the Syrian Civil Defense, where the Fund provides the best possible treatment and insure a decent life for a lifetime worthy of their heroism and sacrifices.
It also insures the families of the martyrs of the civil defense who have remained without a breadwinner. In addition to treating the patients from volunteers.

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