He had just buried his wife and daughter.

A story to you from Radi Saad - a member of the White Helmets.

"We rushed out after the regime warplanes bombed civilian homes. The devastation was enormous, more than five houses were destroyed and there were dozens of dead and wounded.

"After hours of searching under the rubble for life the death toll had reached twenty, but there was still many people missing, including a woman and a child. We kept searching for another 24 hours until we found everyone except a missing two-month-old baby.

"At the very moment that we lost hope that we would ever find the baby, his father found us. He had just buried his wife and daughter.

"He spoke to us with a broken heart: 'God bless you and all of your family. Please, can you keep searching for my baby, even if you find just a small piece of his body, any piece, I want to bury him near his mother and sister.'

"At that very moment I did not realize what was happening to me or around me. It could have been because of the scale of the disaster and the large numbers of dead and wounded. Perhaps it was because of the nature of our work and the days we spend enduring such difficulties and fatigue. But I still have no explanation for what I felt when this father made that tragic request.

"When I get back home late at night I remember the situation. I imagine the baby boy’s father in front of me. And I can’t control myself, my tears fall down and I start to cry. I cry for myself, and for the father who lost all of his family.

"He survived on the hope of finding even a small piece of his baby boy’s body."