Mohammad Shumeir "I Am Alive. Alive, Please Help Me."

Date of joining SCD: 10 August 2014
“I worked as a first responder in a hospital before the Revolution. The conditions surrounding my work completely changed after joining the SCD teams in Homs. Now, I perform first aid procedures either on a pile of rubble or underneath them after aerial bombardment.”
Mohammad Shamir tells us about the scene that affect him the most:
“A little girl screaming: ‘Sir, I am alive. Alive, please help me.’  

"People’s blood spilled in a farmers’ market after barrel bombs were dropped on the market in Al-Rastan. Our team responded quickly to start the search and rescue operations. There was blood flowing everywhere and scattered body parts. Large pieces of cement were blocking the streets, power lines everywhere, destroyed cars, mothers’ screams for their children and children screaming for their families. There was chaos everywhere. Everyone was scared and nervous. A massacre has just been committed with tens of civilian casualties.
"I heard the voice of a little girl crying hard; she could not move on one of the market’s sidewalks. I got closer to her. She was looking with great sadness and appeal for help, as if her teary eyes were telling me ‘I am here. I am here.’
"I stopped the bleeding of her wound, supporting a break in her right foot in preparation of transferring her to one of the city hospitals to get her operated on as soon as possible.
"People were still searching for their dead or missing relatives. Everyone was at loss amid the dismal scene. We continued our work until just before sunset.
"We went back home in the evening, where I was surprised to see pictures of the little girl, Hayat (means ‘Life’ in Arabic), whom I had helped earlier – it was an announcement of her death. I could not believe the news, because she was fine and her injury had not been a life-threatening one. I headed to the hospital, where I saw her alive and well, after making it through a successful operation. I could not wait till the morning to tell Hayat’s parents that she was fine, so I hurried to her house where I found her mother crying for her daughter, whom she thought was dead. I told her right away that she is healthy and waiting for her in the hospital. Her mother accompanied me to the hospital, and after being sure of her daughter’s health, she looked at me and said words I will never forget: ‘Thank you, Mohammad. It is true what they say, that you are the searchers for lives among the rubble’.”