A husband, a father and a Civil Defender.

Muhannad is a husband, a father and a Syrian Civil Defender. He recently lost a leg while on duty.

"Before the revolution I worked in electronics. When the revolution began, I searched for a place for myself among the revolutionaries. I worked doing various things to express my demands for freedom for each person in Syria.

In 2014, I began working as a civil defender in order to help my family and my neighbours – and I fully believe that all Syrians are my family and neighbours. I was well aware that this work exposed me to serious injury and I was fine with that.

I lost a limb; my left leg. This is the least of my duties for my family in Jisr Al Shughour. I am determined to continue this work – even with one leg, I do whatever I can. What I fear is witnessing an attack where I won't be able to save a soul from under the rubble.

Even with my injury I will try my hardest to finish this journey with my teammates. They deserve respect and appreciation and I take my helmet off to them."