Proud Murhaf

Murhaf Ismail Salat is 21. He was a student before he joined Syria Civil Defence 2 years ago as a rescue worker and firefighter knowing it was a dangerous profession. Still, the work appealed to him because it was humanitarian and charitable. His biggest fear was being injured or killed while on duty. This past May, just that happened...

“I was on my way to Sarmeen with my brothers [colleagues] to put out a fire when a missile landed right on top of me and my team of firefighters. My friend died and I lost my leg. When the strike doesn’t kill you, it returns you to life much stronger. I am proud of what happened to me and hopefully nothing can stop me from serving my country, neither a missing arm nor a missing leg.

The establishment of the Hero Fund for the families of the fallen, shows us that you haven’t forgotten us. It makes us feel that someone still cares.”