Syrian Civil Defense announces a tender RFP 19-TUR-GZT-1739 IT Equipment

The Syrian Civil Defense announces a tender in sealed envelopes, purchase of IT Equipment RFP 19-TUR-GZT-1739 IT Equipment
According to the following conditions:
Detailed Specifications: The supplier is obliged to accept and follow the specifications and must sign and seal the technical and financial offers.
• Provide quotations
• Offers shall be presented in a sealed envelope sealed by each supplier, as follows:
Technical offer and Financial offer: Technical specifications of the IT Equipment  in addition to all documents and confirmations related to the supplier in addition to the signature and seal provider on the attached book of conditions, and the detailed prices are shown in Turkish lira or US Dollar and the price should be cleared including KDV and excluding KDV, signed by the bidder / company.
• The offers shall be delivered by sealed envelope with the name of the supplier / company and the communication number (telephone - email) at the Syrian Civil Defense Office in: ( Turkey, Gaziantep office )
– only in this date 18/3/2019, working hours (09:00 – 17:00).
• You can find the Request for Quotation (RFP) sample form in the following link:
• Answer all questions provided by providers until 15/3/2019
        Inquiries and questions can be sent via the following email:
         [email protected]

• Bidder’s obligation:
1. The bidder shall be bound by his offer for a period of one month from the expiry date the notification to the supplier of the award is a direct order to carry out the work.
• Delivery Time:
1. The bidder must specify the delivery period and payment method clearly in the price offer.
2 The IT Equipment offer may be delivered to Turkey Gaziantep Office.
• Signing the contract:
1. The contract must be signed between the Syrian Civil Defense and the binder / company as soon as its offer is accepted and the technical committee shall disclose the materials submitted by the bidder.
Address of the Syrian Civil Defense Office Gaziantep - Turkey.
(15 TEMMUZ MAH. 148049 SK. Kapı No:11 Daire No: 1 ŞEHİTKAMİL GAZİANTEP)
In case you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us.
[email protected]