In the initial stages after forming, the Syria Civil Defence conducted search and rescue operations only. However, over time our operational abilities improved and became more sophisticated. Now, for example, we can warn civilians using sirens, and we aim to have a comprehensive warning system in place soon. We also conduct a wider variety of rescue operations, which differ depending on the type of building and the way it has collapsed. In such operations, we evacuate civilians and search for the injured and dead.

Additionally, the Syria Civil Defence conducts firefighting operations alongside its rescue operations.

We have also conducted many large-scale evacuations of civilians due to bombing, offensives or sieges. Now, we are working on preparing shelters. Unfortunately we have not been able to do as much as we would like because of limited resources and the lack of infrastructure. As there are no emergency services to provide medical care, it has fallen to Syria Civil Defence to provide critical first response to casualties and evacuate them to hospitals.

Another task the Syria Civil Defence conducts regularly is burying the dead from all parties to the conflict as well as civilians. Our operations also include responding to poison/chemical gas attacks.