Who provides your training and organisational support?

A number of international aid organisations have supported Syria Civil Defence since its origin.  Since 2014, the work of Syria Civil Defence has been supported by Mayday Rescue and Chemonics, who implement international aid programmes providing training and equipment, advocacy and outreach, and organisational capacity building.

Who funds the Syria Civil Defence?

Syria Civil Defence receives funding (through Mayday Rescue and Chemonics) from the governments of the UK, Holland, Denmark, Germany,
Canada,New Zealand, and the USA. This funding goes towards the training, equipment and support we need to achieve our mission. Our donors are partners in our efforts to build Syria Civil Defence into the most effective life-saving organisation we can be, and do not control the mission of the organisation, our advocacy messages or our internal leadership structure.

We have also been lucky to be funded by thousands of individuals around the world that have donated to buy equipment or to support our ‘Hero Fund’ -- a fund that is used to take care of our injured volunteers and the families of the martyrs. This Hero Fund is headed by Abdulmalek, a Syria Civil Defence volunteer and former firefighter who lost his leg in an attack.