How does the Syria Civil Defence work?

We work in accordance with International Humanitarian Law. As defined in Protocol I (Article 61) of the Geneva Conventions of 1949, we pledge to provide the services listed at paragraph 5 for the following purposes:

a)      To protect the civilian population against the dangers arising from hostilities or other disasters
b)     To speed recovery from the immediate effects of such events
c)      To provide the conditions necessary for survival of the civilian population. 

To the best extent possible, we seek to provide the following services to the people of Syria:

1.      Warning the civilian population of attacks and dangers
2.      Urban Search and Rescue
3.      Evacuation of the civilian population from areas into which fighting is encroaching
4.      The provision of medical services – including first aid – at the point of injury
5.      Fire-fighting
6.      Management of emergency shelters
7.      Detection and marking of danger 
areas (such as areas with unexploded ordnance)
8.    Provision of emergency accommodation and supplies
9.    Emergency repair of indispensable public utilities
10.  Decontamination and similar protective measures
11.  Assistance in the preservation of objects essential for survival
12.  Emergency assistance in the restoration and maintenance of order in distressed areas
13.  Emergency disposal of the dead
14.  Management of blackout 
15.  Complementary activities needed to carry out any of the tasks mentioned above.

Where does the Syria Civil Defence work?

Currently, Syria Civil Defence works in opposition areas, as we are not allowed to work in regime controlled areas--in fact, the regime actively tries to kills us whenever it can, simply because the hope we bring to civilian communities helps them resist the regime’s attempts to break their will through bombing. In some instances we have heard civilians from regime controlled areas call for us, but if we tried to help, regime soldiers would have shot us. If we were allowed we would like to work across Syria to serve all the people.