SC Defenders

In a place where public services no longer function and bombs rain down on civilians, we, the Syrian Civil Defenders rush in as unarmed volunteers we risk our lives to help anyone in need - regardless of their religion or politics.

We save people on all sides of the conflict - pledging commitment to the principles of Humanity, Solidarity, Impartiality as outlined by the International Civil Defence Organisation. This pledge guides every response, every action, every life saved - so that in a time of destruction, all Syrians have the hope of a lifeline.

We deal with the aftermath of government air attacks. We have risked sniper fire to recover bodies of government soldiers to give them a proper burial.

Known as the White Helmets we are volunteer rescue workers operate in the most dangerous place on earth. Bakers, tailors, engineers, pharmacists, painters, carpenters, students and many more, we are volunteers from all walks of life. Many of us have paid the ultimate price for their compassion - 142 have been killed while saving others.

As the conflict in Syria worsens, ordinary people are paying the highest price. More than 50 bombs and mortars a day land on some neighbourhoods in Syria. Many are rusty barrels filled with nails and explosives, rolled out the back of government helicopters -- bakeries and markets are the most commonly hit targets. When this happens we rush in to search for life in the rubble - fully aware that more bombs may fall on the same site. We have saved 62,000 lives - and this number is growing daily.